Clairvoyant consultation

The clairvoyant consultation functions over distances and is possible both by telephone and locally, completely according to your desire.

Concrete, individual, solution-oriented.

Like a radio that can be adjusted to any frequency, I adjust to you individually.

I help you to master difficult phases in your life, to find your way when making decisions – whatever problem you may have.

It is with great pleasure that I have been advising people on all aspects of life on the phone and on-site since 2011.

I am a professional medium, health practitioner and life coach.

In addition to clairvoyant counseling, I offer soul journeys (light trance experiences) in which people get a picture of themselves and their concerns with my guidance and arrive at a solution and transformation.

My slogan: Change your thoughts and your life changes.

Topics and way of working
Whether on the phone or on site: you briefly describe your concern to me, I adjust to you individually and off you go whether individual, couple or group. Any topic is possible.

You are also welcome to arrange an effective consultation without any problem description. The basic constellation lasts about two hours and includes several main topics such as personality, fate,    aural reading, chakra counseling and vision.

Fee for my consultation
HonorareThe client is king. You choose your consulting duration e.g. 30 minutes or let yourself be advised until your concern or problem is clarified and all your questions are answered.


The very positive customer feedback that I have compiled here encourages me again and again to do everything in my power to offer you effective advice in the future as well. Convince yourself.



 Contact and directions
Kontakt_WegbeschreibungIt’s very simple. Call and make an appointment. I look forward to meeting you. Together we will find your way.