ErfahrungsberichteThe very positive customer feedback, which I have compiled in the following testimonials, encourages me again and again to do everything in my power to offer you effective advice today and in the future. Convince yourself and recommend me to others.



“Dear Agnes, your telephone consultation was fascinating for me. I actually didn’t have to do anything big than listen attentively, and was amazed at what you could “see”, recognize and classify of me without any preliminary talk. After that I was ‘smarter’ and finally curious.

So you recommended me for another solution of my problems a “soul journey”, as you call it. I wouldn’t want to miss this experience! And I can recommend it to everyone who asks questions about himself and is looking for answers and solutions..:

Agnes is hospitable and has a wonderfully relaxing view of the Würzburg Fortress as the backdrop for the ‘Journey into the ME’. You can really make yourself free! My doubts and my shyness were magically removed up there above the roofs of Würzburg.

So thanks again, dear Agnes, my way has now become easier, clearer and safer!

-> Agnes helps!”


“Dear Agnes,

Your advice has given me many new impulses and anticipation for the future. In some points it was already very much in line with my inner images and desires, which already showed up in me before the conversation. This gave me confirmation and courage to continue.

You were able to help me to set myself on a path that was still to be followed.

Also to recognize what is now important to do and how I can get concrete help.

The pictures you described I was able to understand well and I could gain a lot of confidence for me. It was also nice to feel your sympathy.

Thank you very much for that!

I will be happy to get back to you.”


“Mrs. Mzyk accompanied me with her clairvoyance in difficult days and led me very lovingly on the right way, among other things with the instructions to “The work” and with soul journeys. Best regards”.


“Dear Agnes, fortunately clairvoyance also works by phone and even by SMS. So I could get help from you several times from afar. I have the certainty that I will always receive competent, precise and empathetic advice in difficult situations.”


“Hi Agnes, you did very well today – the pictures were very accurate – great. That helped me. Love greetings”.


“Dear Mrs. Mzyk, thank you very much for your advice – she comforted and accompanied me in difficult days. I took the courage to go further and to accept every difficulty as a blessing through which I can develop further. The spiritual world is big and with you I always feel that you look into the right angle for me with a lot of heart and empathy. A big thank you!


“Thank you again for your effort. I am glad that I could ask. I will certainly contact you again if I have a topic. Thank you very much. ”


“Dear Agnes, thank you very much for the input – you’re doing really well and you know the background – great!”


“Thank you very much! It is a great gift to have met such an open, heartfelt woman. Especially with special qualities and abilities”.


“Dear Mrs. Mzyk, I thank you for your help to see clearly which learning steps are indispensable in my incarnation today. I was allowed to gain insight into what has not yet been resolved. I have found myself again, my own personality in its spiritual being can now appear to me as a groundbreaking mirror image. From the bottom of my heart I gladly recommend you to others”.


“Dear Agnes,

I would like to thank you once again for your advice! My life was about to change!

My child was just 3 years at this time and I had little energy. Our conversation motivated me very much to go through with my plan. Without knowing anything, you have described me much of it;) and above all, that I heal through the power of the mountains! Also professionally I am going to go a new way. Thank you!

Many greetings “


“First of all, I have to say that I am a rational person who doesn’t believe in such “hocus-pocus”. Nevertheless, my curiosity won out and I took advantage of Mrs. Mzyk’s professional advice – and was positively surprised. Mrs. Mzyk does not tell you: do this or that, in the end you have to make the decisions yourself that you have to make in life. She gives suggestions on how she sees the situation – however she does it – and this has come true later. Whether you are trapped in a frustrating job and want to change your course or are about to raise your salary, Ms. Mzyk gives you the necessary support and interesting suggestions. Keep up the good work! We remain in contact :-)”