Way of working and topics

Way of working

It’s quite simple: we arrange a consultation appointment together. You call me at the agreed time or come by. You briefly describe your request to me, I adjust to you and off you go. Any topic is possible.

You are also welcome to arrange an effective consultation without any problem description. The basic constellation lasts about two hours and includes several main topics such as personality, fate, aural reading, chakra counseling and vision.

Arbeitsweise - Hellsichtige BeratungEvery living being, whether human, animal, plant or matter, is surrounded by an energy field which contains information about us. By entering this individual energy field I receive information from the present, past and future.

The consultation functions over distances and is possible both by telephone and locally, completely according to your desire. Get in contact with me!

Instructions for self-healing

During a soul journey (light trance experience) you may get an idea of your concern yourself with the help of my guidance, arrive at a solution and transformation.

Release from blockades, fears, tensions takes place through cognition. Depending on the situation, different techniques are used, e.g. the journey to the inner child or going into the root chakra (1st chakra).

Let yourself be guided into your own pictures, close your eyes, relax and discover your own healing power – psychologically as well as physically.

Duration: 1 to 1 ½ Hour

Arbeitsweise - Hellsichtige Beratung

Help in all life situations

Individuality, inner longings and desires, talents, gifts, but also blockades and fears.

Partner, mother, father, brother, sister, child, friend, boss, colleagues, animals,…

Backgrounds and meanings of diseases. Hints for keeping body, mind and soul healthy.

Future forecast from today’s point of view in the period of time you specify, in order to understand the here and now, to set the course, e.g. by warning and/or motivation.

Profession & Finances
Does your current occupation correspond to your vocation? Are your finances in flow?

Past lives
Past lives that still cling to this life and have an effect on it. Analysis and meaning for here and now.

Chakras & Aural Reading
Survival and safety, emotions and sexuality, strength and creativity, love, communication, trust and spiritual ability, intuition.

Support of police investigation work, e.g. in missing persons, kidnapping or unsolved cases.
When the traditional methods of investigation have been exhausted, I offer voluntary help to the police or to the people involved in the investigation.


  • the cause of death or injury;
  • Circumstances/situations which were shortly before death (e.g. quarrels/sexual crimes/abduction);
  • Area or landscape where a body is located;
  • Appearance of the perpetrator(s) and references to their environment, such as family, work/vehicle.
  • Transmission of messages of missing persons.